Lawyer in Milwaukee

If you are looking for a lawyer in Milwaukee Wisconsin, Green & Kapsos is a law firm that has over 20 years worth of experience. They are one of the leading law firms in Milwaukee. Started in 1990 by William Green and Christine Kapsos, they focus on the areas of law that help provide people with a fresh start. They specialize in bankruptcy and divorce.

What I liked about the website about this law firm is that they have profiles for each one of their attorneys so that you can kind of get a sense of who they are. They also have videos on their website which kind of allows you to get an even greater sense of who they are. I think you have to like your lawyers to a certain extent when you work with them. You need to have that feeling that they care about your situation and will fight for the best outcome for you personally. There are lawyers that just see their clients as a paycheck. I didn’t get that feeling when I reviewed this website. Based on the effort they put into their website to get their visitors to learn about them, I think they probably do care. So if you are looking for a bankruptcy lawyer in Milwaukee WI, you might want to check out the law offices of Green & Kapsos.