Learning the Bible Online for Kids

There are a number of great websites devoted to children and learning the bible. Obviously, these websites are Christian oriented, but they are not heavy-handed and/or denominational in spirit. The purpose of this entry is to explore the best of these websites and to offer suggestions to parents looking for a unique way to inspire a spiritual base for their children.

akidsheart.com is a colorful and unique way for children to become amateur
bible students. This selection of games, stickers and bible verses best suited for children provides a panacea of bible-related material. There are even sections devoted to teachers, religious holidays, clip art and games and puzzles all devoted to learning the bible in a fun and interesting way which motivates young children. Activities like bible inspired coloring books, printable bible shapes, and the study of bible animals are all included in this well-rounded presentation. This site is best suited for toddlers and pre-school children and the lessons also enforce basic learning skills like colors, shapes, comparisons, counting, cutting, the alphabet and much more.

For older elementary children, gardenofpraise.com is a great place to learn the basic bible stories and how they can teach us lessons on our young lives.
Stories from the Old and New Testament, More stories about Jesus, Stories of the Early Church, The Travels of the Apostle Paul and Women of the Bible are just a few of the categories covered in this website. There are also sections geared to teachers to help with detailed study guides and lesson plans. Audio Bible lessons and banners and bulletins are also readily available on this site and everything is free of charge.

logosmultimedia.com is a more advanced site that is geared to family learning with older students and/or parental involvement. It supplies a mixture of media outlets to study the bible in various learning modalities. Many of the stories are dramatized and really bring the bible to life for prospective students. You can search through the bible online, read the bible in different formats and versions, listen to the bible, research for bible answers, analyze and study the bible, watch bible videos, and hopefully apply the bible lessons with help on how this can apply to your daily life. This interactive approach readily lends itself to family style learning.

Hopefully, parents will find these websites helpful and easily geared to whatever age of your child.